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Home Buyer / Agency Relationships

A home buyer who desires the assistance of a REALTOR® should be aware of the potential agency relationships in the purchase of real estate. Below are the different types of relationships that you will encounter when working with a reputable real estate firm.

Buyer Agency

With this method, a REALTOR® enters into a written agreement to represent a buyer in the purchase of real estate. As the buyer's agent, a REALTOR® is able to fully represent a buyer and may provide substantial advice and assistance to the buyer far beyond that which a subagent can provide. With Buyer Agency, there is no confusion about who represents the buyer—your agent has a fiduciary relationship with you and must act in your best interest.

Seller / Sub-Agency

In this scenario, both REALTORS® involved represent the seller. The REALTOR® working with a potential buyer is a sub-agent. The REALTOR® has a fiduciary, or trust relationship with the seller. A sub-agent working with a potential buyer customer is not working for the buyer, but rather is working with the buyer to assist the buyer in finding a property to buy.

Dual Agency

This is a relationship in which the REALTOR® acts as the agent for both the seller and the buyer in the same transaction with the written consent of all parties. Duties of the REALTOR® include confidentiality to both parties and taking no action that is adverse or detrimental to either party.

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